I’ve been challenged!

I learned a lot of my frugal skills from my mom.  She’s been keeping up with my blog and has challenged me! She’s going to send me $10 to see how far I can stretch it!

I think I’ve found a solution to my problem of getting sales ads.  If I subscribed to the weekend editions of the Tennessean it would cost me $10.41 a month.  Walmart sells them individually every weekend for around $1.50 or so.  That means I can get only the ads paper, for around $6.00 a month.

In other news, Lance and I sign our new lease tomorrow! The apartment complex is running a special for our first month half off so we are able to lease it a couple weeks early.  Moving trucks are so expensive to rent, so because we are moving just down the street, we’re going to do it all ourselves over the next couple weeks.  Our friend Shane has offered to help and we are very grateful for that! He helped us move last time (a long with a couple other guys) and I guess we didn’t scare him away with all our stuff!  We’re still working on downsizing our possessions before we move.

Tomorrow I’m getting a car seat for Jaci (the little girl I keep) from her mom so we can go spend tomorrow at the new place.  We’re mainly going to clean it.  The apartment staff clean it before a new tenant moves in, but we just wanna make it perfect before we move any stuff.  So, I guess I’ll take sandwiches and other little finger foods for lunch so we can have a picnic on the floor! I can’t wait!

Keep on the lookout for the results of my challenge! I’ll probably post it in a week or so!


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