Thanks, Partner!

Sometimes I think to myself, I have the coolest husband!  He went shopping for me today and pulled it off without a single hitch!  I didn’t doubt him, it’s just that I wanted to be the one out and about snagging all the cool sales.  When he got off work at 11p he brought home all my deals and my free tacos!


I spent $33.29 OOP and have $10 ECB left – $2 rebate = $21.29.  All of this stuff would’ve cost me 62.72 which makes a savings of $41.43! I also have 3 coupons not including the ECB to use for future purchases.  A good day I think.

To top off his awesome shopping skills, Lance made me a wonderful new blog header.  I’m so excited about it!  I knew he was talented, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen him do!

See, I told you he was the coolest!


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