Hello world!

I’ve recently discovered the wonderfulness of Google Reader thanks to my husband! I had all these blogs, mostly written by friends, that I liked to read every once in a while.  It was hard to keep track of what those blog addresses were.  Then Lance told me about Google Reader in which I was able to put all of those blogs in one place.

If you’re not familiar with Google Reader, it has some blogs listed on the right side suggesting other ones you might enjoy.  These are based on similarities of tags and keywords of blogs you already subscribe to.  Hence, I added many more interesting subscriptions to my Google Reader!

Through these blogs I discovered several good reads about the science of getting grocery items for free or next-to-free by stacking coupons!  Now, I’ve always enjoyed finding new ways to be frugal.  Which is to say, not being wasteful.  This is very different from being tight, of which I have a different opinion.  I decided I wanted to learn the confusing process of stacking coupons with store sales to get the most for my money.

So, I present, the place to brag blog about my great deals and frugal finds!  Stay tuned and you might find some awesome deals yourself!

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