Adelaide Harper You Are 7 Years Old!

Seven years old! I can’t believe it! You just keep growing up and I keep telling you to stop but you just won’t listen! This age has been especially fun though. You are so witty and smart and just keep us laughing all the time!

I always like to remember funny little things you say, because I know one day we will all love remembering what 7-year-old Adelaide was like. For Christmas you got a Tamogotchi in your stocking. The day after Christmas, as you were getting ready to watch a movie, Dad asked you if you want someone to babysit your Tamagotchi and you said “I need you to babysit. Mama’s going to the movies. I need a break!” Ha!

Your favorite toys these days are still stuffed animals. You set them up and have names and family groups for them all. Whenever you go and visit Nana you always take a backpack full of them. Your room is “Toy World”. You also like Lego, Playmobil, Lion Guard action figures, Magformers, and sometimes Barbies.


You also love to craft and create. You are especially good at drawing. You can draw better than me currently, and certainly better than I could at seven! You have a grasp of background, foreground, and perspective that amazes me. The other day you drew a picture of Lord Derby sleeping and you had his little eyes, whiskers, his hand tucked under his head, and his haunch drawn perfectly. You made him a cardboard cat castle the other day that was so fun. He played with that for days!

You lost 3 more teeth this year! You pulled one of them out yourself which made you pretty proud. One is loose and about to come out. You were 3′ 11.75″ at your recent doctor’s appointment.

One of your best characteristics is that you are so sweet. One time earlier this year, I got lost on some country roads and my phone wasn’t giving me the right directions and I had no signal to call anyone. I was so frustrated because people were expecting us and we weren’t going to be able to make it. Even though you really wanted to go where we were meant to, you were really sweet and even tried to give me advice and help me figure out directions. You had no idea how to find our way, but you were trying your best and it made my night so much better. I don’t know what I would do without you!

One thing you love to say these days is “You’re the best Mommy/Daddy in the whole wide world!” You also say “Blah blah, cha cha” when something is boring or frustrating. You have always been so independent, even as far back as the newborn stage you have loved your own space. But this year has brought more cuddle time (not a ton, but still more!), and I am loving it! I always ask you if I can keep you forever. Some days you say yes, other days you say you have to get married one day but you’ll buy a house down the street from me.

You had your very first E.R. visit this year. Back in June you were running in the house and ran right into the door frame by your room. Your forehead immediately swelled up, turned purple and mushy. You had a mild concussion and after a night of throwing up, things were much better the next day. The same month you played your first sport, T-Ball, and had to miss a game out of an already short season. You were the only girl on your team and it made me laugh when you would talk to anyone coming through the base you were supposed to be guarding.

You really love listening to music with both me and Dad. Back in August, Daddy was listening to the Hobbit soundtrack while doing dishes and when he was done he turned it off. You said “Why’d you turn it off? It was making me feel alive!”. You and I love to listen and sing to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, worship music, and a plethora of other things in the car.

Second grade is going good this year. Every year we homeschool, I feel like we are doing a little better; have worked out a few more kinks. You really love doing science with Dad. This year you are learning all about ocean creatures. We are going to a different co-op this year than the one we attended for the last two years. Even though I felt it was the right thing to do, I was worried about the transition for you because you had some really good friends at our first co-op. You have handled it like a champ and have new friends and have had so much fun with our new group! You are so outgoing and thrive on being around other kids!

You are also really good at making friends with adults. When we go to the library, there is a particular front-desk lady that we love to talk to. A couple months ago, you gave her a story you wrote. Since then, whenever we see her, she works in references to your story into the conversation, and it always makes you smile. You remember people you meet and always say “she/he was so nice”.

You are growing up to be such a beautiful person. I LOVE the things that make you different from me. You are smart, funny, creative, sensitive, and so thoughtful and introspective. Sometimes when you are quiet in your room and I check on you, you say you were just spending time thinking and imagining. You are such a blessing in our lives. I hope that when you grow up, you know what a treasure you are to us!


Adelaide Harper You Are 6 Years Old!

I think every year that I will write this post on time, but it is always so busy in the summer and too hot to take pictures outside. But, I eventually get it done and thankfully you don’t change too much within a couple months!


I can’t believe you are already 6 years old! I know I say this every year, but it goes so fast! Your life is just passing us by! And your personality is just so big for your age, that’s it’s easy to imagine you driving off at 16. Or walking down the isle. Or holding your first little one. Whew! Okay, too many tears, back to you at 6…

Homeschool this year is going great! It is much better than last year. I feel like last year was trial and error, trying to learn what works for you. And while things aren’t perfect this year, we have much fewer frustrating days. You have a tendency to zone out a little and it’s hard to get you to focus sometimes. You also love to decorate your worksheets, which can be time-consuming for me, but I’m trying to be patient because I know you have such a creative little mind.


I love to write down funny things you do or say. Last September when we were eating out at a Chinese restaurant with Nana and Happy, the waitress came by to check on us. You started saying some incoherent words and I just kind of shushed you because I was trying to be polite to the waitress. When she left, I asked you what you said and you replied “I was talking to the waitress in her language, but I couldn’t understand what I was saying”. We just all cracked up at that! I was so thankful the waitress didn’t hear your attempt at Chinese! Haha!


Later that month when I had to get some dental work done, I asked you to give me a kiss to make me brave. You said “I know why you don’t want to get your cavities filled! Because they’re so beautiful!” I told you that you were so sweet and you told me that I was so sweet! Daddy said there was a lot of mutual admiration going on that morning and you said “Just doing my job! I take care of the heartbroken!”


Your favorite toys are plastic animals, Duplos, Lion Guard action figures, stuffed animals, and your marble run. You also really enjoy to craft, cut, glue, and draw. When you have a dream, you like to tell us all about it and add lots of details to make the story more exciting. And you pause often to tell us which part you dreamed and which part you added. I love the cuddling I sometimes get in the mornings as you tell me these long stories!


You have lost 3 teeth this year! You don’t like to give your teeth to the Tooth Fairy, so we trick the tooth fairy with dried white beans and so far it has worked every time! We have told you from the very beginning that the tooth fairy isn’t real, but that doesn’t keep us from having fun pretending!

Every so often you get curious about different things. This past week it was skateboarding, and a few weeks before that it was Indians. It changes all the time and we try to encourage your curiosity. Once you asked to see a picture of what Elephant poop looks like and when I showed you, you said “I love my Mom and Dad because they let me discover things I don’t know about!” To go along with your interest in Indians, I bought you a little set of Indian action figures. They came with a couple animals, and a fire. You set them all up around the fire and said “The animals are playing tag and the people are holding hands around the fire and having a ‘ceremony'”. Haha!


You say your catchphrase is “Dumbbunnies” and you like to use it when you are mad or disappointed. You use a lot of big words for a 6 year old like “apparently”, “in the meantime”, “objects”, and “that’s just an expression”. Another sweet quote: “Even though our family is small, it has a big heart!” You also still have a few made-up words left from toddler-hood that I love to hear you say, like “Renemory” (memory), Calendar” (counter), and when you want to copy and paste a picture you ask me to “double-size” it. When we were at Sonic a while back, there was a stray cat outside. You wanted to know if it was a boy or girl and told me to see if I can see his “boy details”! Oh my goodness, you keep us laughing!!


We tried to have another baby this year. You have asked for a sibling for a long time. We have prayed about it together a lot. I knew that I needed to tell you we were going to try because infertility means lots of appointments and treatments to go to. When I told you that we were going to try, you got big tears in your eyes and asked “Are you doing this for me?” It broke my heart! I told you no, because if something happened to me, I didn’t want you to think it was your fault, but it was all for you! In the process of trying this year, we learned just how much of a miracle it is that we have you. I am sad that we couldn’t give you a sibling, but I will forever be grateful that God gave you to us for a little while!

You and Daddy really enjoy doing things together! This year you got to go on two Daddy-Daughter dates to see the Lego Batman movie and the Lego Ninjago movie! He has been teaching you chess and you guys love playing checkers together too. He shares your creative brain and many mornings are spent drawing together at the kitchen table. You were excited this year to create your own Instagram account to put pictures you take of your artwork, for family to follow and see.


One of the most exciting things to happen this year was that you asked Jesus into your heart! On April 9th. We had been talking about it for a long time but I wanted it to come from you and not pressure you in any way. One day after church you said that you prayed to yourself in Ms. Shirley’s class for Jesus to come into your heart. We had a long conversation about what that meant to make sure that you understood. We believe that you did. What makes this more special is that I also, asked Jesus into my heart after Ms. Shirley’s class one day when I was little, praying silently on the way home from church. When your cousin Layton was at our house visiting about a month ago, you held onto his little shoulders and said “Layton, I just have to know, have you asked Jesus into your heart so when you die you can go to Heaven and we can continue our story together?”. It was the sweetest thing! I pray that as you grow, you continue to have a heart for leading people to the Lord!


This year I have seen a lot of growth in you. You are just the sweetest little girl! The other day at Aldi, I realized I had the wrong can of something and was already in line. I was hot and tired and didn’t want to have to go through the line all over again for one can. I made a split second decision and asked you to start unloading the cart while I went and grabbed the can. In the 20 seconds that I was gone, I thought “What is she going to be doing when I get back? That was a bad choice!”, thinking maybe you would be zoned out or just dancing around. When I came back, you were doing exactly what I had asked you to and had unloaded like 10 things all by yourself. I was so proud of you in that moment! You and I butt heads a lot because you can be very sassy and strong-willed, but I also know that you are still learning, so respectful in public and are great at talking to other adults. People comment all the time at how smart and well-behaved you are! And I am so thankful for that. I remind myself that your sassiness at home is normal, because home is your safe place and the place where you are allowed to express your big emotions.


I love to tell you that “You are my favorite” and ask you “Why are you so cute?”. You always smile, but also sigh because I say those things so often. But it’s true! You are my favorite! I could not have dreamed of a better kid than you! I love everything about your personality! Whenever Daddy gets home late at night, we often talk and laugh as I fill him in on the funny things you said that say or the creative things you did. We love you with all our hearts!

Adelaide Harper You Are 5 Years Old!


Well, technically, you are 5 years, 1 month, and 18 days as I write this. Life is busy these days and I am so glad to finally be taking the time to do this. I love reading back on what you were like when you were younger and know that I (and hopefully you) will cherish these snapshots of your life when you are older!


This has been a whirlwind of a year. I feel like you are such a big kid now. There is no more toddler left in you. You have opinions, stories, sassiness, dreams, and lots of creativity. You love to draw elaborate pictures that have lots of neat details. You make up songs about shows that you watch, or about your toys, or about things that you have made up. Speaking of things that you have made up: Bat-horses, magic pop tree seeds, and the Ghost Man are the ones that you mention most often.


You are one of the most stubborn people I have ever met in my life. Sometimes you would rather take a consequence multiple times than give in. And you are so independent. You have no worries about going places without Mom and Dad. (You are actually disappointed when we come back to get you). I love your confidence. I think it is one of the best traits that you have. I hope you never lose it! I can only imagine the special plans that God has for your life. I think that you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to!


I often try to write down funny things you say so that I don’t forget them. Back in May, I recorded this one: “A few days ago, I asked Adelaide to respond with a ‘yes, ma’am’, she just said ‘ok’. I told her again to say ‘yes ma’am’ and she said ‘Mom, ‘ok’ means ‘yes ma’am’ in Franch!” You definitely keep us laughing!


But you can also be very sweet. The other day we went to a homeschool playdate at a park. You got mad at the end because it was almost time to go, and I told you I wasn’t going to push you on the swing anymore. Afterwards, you told me “I’m not mad at you anymore, Mom, because you’re the best mom in the world; better than Batman! I love you so much, Mom!” I just tucked that moment away in my heart, to pull out on the days when you are especially sassy.


The biggest event in our life recently is that we started homeschool. It is going really well so far. You are so smart, and learning is a breeze so far. If you are bored, sometimes it will take longer, but most of the time we are done around lunchtime. I was so proud the other day when you read “mat” and “sat”, when we’ve only been doing school a couple of weeks! I am so thankful that we made the choice to homeschool. It is hard sometimes, but I am so glad that I get to invest in your life and watch you learn.


You are still a pretty picky eater, but have recently expanded your palette to include yogurt and bananas. And for that I am thankful. I am hopeful that one day you will grow out of the pickiness.


A week or so ago, I cut your hair. I trimmed about 4 inches off to help with the tangles caused by the split ends. You were disappointed I didn’t straighten it the first day I cut it. You said you had been wearing you hair “curly for ears” (years)! Haha! So the next day I straightened it for you. You are beautiful either way! It’s fun that you have an opinion about stuff like that now.


Some of your favorite toys right now are My Little Ponies, Legos, plastic animals, a dollhouse that was passed down to you from a church friend, stuffed animals, and you are just starting to be interested in barbies. You also enjoy playing with cars, trains, and your toy food and dishes.


We try to take you to the library once a week. You love playing the Abc Mouse game and picking out new books. I am always amazed at how you can just strike up a conversation with anyone. Adult or child. A few weeks ago, one of the librarians let you sit behind the desk and see what it would be like to work there, because you said you wanted to be a librarian when you grow up. Although, you do have specific jobs you want to do before you get married, and different ones for after you get married. It varies. Sometimes you seem so much older than five…IMG_2420

You love to play outside. Your favorite thing to do is to play in the dirt, grass, and water, to make soup for various bugs. You like catching crickets, roly-polies, ants, and caterpillars. You give names to the trees in our yard and make friends with neighborhood animals. We had a cat that came around for awhile and you named it Jo-Jo. Whenever he heard you outside, he would come running from the tall grass field to play with you. He hasn’t shown up for months, but you have kept a special place in your heart for that cat and talk about him often. As for your own cat, Ruby, you two mostly pester each other. Haha!


I am so, so thankful God gave me such a beautiful, smart, creative, independent daughter. I love who God made you to be! While you do things that remind me of your Dad, or me, you also have such a unique, totally-you, personality. I wouldn’t change anything about you! You are my best little friend! I hope that when you look back on your childhood and see the failures and shortcomings of your parents, that you also can see a picture of just how much you are loved and cherished. You are the light of our life, Adelaide Harper!


Adelaide Harper You Are Four Years Old!

*This post is only a few months late. Things have felt a little chaotic in our lives as we have spent several months adjusting to owning a house, cleaning out a storage unit, going through and organizing boxes of stuff, and painting. But better late than never!


You are such a big girl at four! You tell us you are brave and can go places without Mom and Dad. You decided to test out that braveness one night and go outside by yourself because we were taking too long getting our stuff together to come out with you. When we got onto you for it, you said “But it’s okay, I’m brave!”.

You are certainly not the wallflower that I was growing up. You love to make friends wherever you go.  When we go to the park, you will start playing with any kid there. And at the grocery store you love to talk to adults we pass. You also sing songs throughout the store and ask people to sing a long as we pass them.


You are still a very picky eater. We are working on it. Most days you will choose to go hungry than to eat what I’ve made for dinner.  The waitresses at the Bonnie Café always laugh at you because you order toast 90% of the times we go there. It actually worries Dad and I a lot and we are hoping you will grow out of it.

You love to sit and listen to books. We can make it through 6-8 stories before you start to get restless. You will also listen to a chapter at a time of bigger books. We read though most of Charlotte’s Web this summer and now we are working on the classic Winnie-The-Pooh. Our very first chapter book we read was a version of the Wizard of Oz.  It had a picture every other page. One night we were reading it before bedtime, and we were at a part where the Wicked Witch was sending wolves to tear apart Dorothy and her friends, and the Tin Woodsmen chopped off the wolves heads.  I was thinking to myself that this probably wasn’t the best thing to read right before bedtime, when you piped up, “Is there a picture of the heads chopped off?”. Didn’t phase you a bit!


One of your favorite things to do is go to church and learn about Jesus. You love your Sunday School class and most Sundays are able to tell me details about what your lesson was about. I am so thankful for a class where you can learn about Jesus at your level. One day on the way home she was asking me what the name of the island was. At first I didn’t understand and asked “Hawaii?”. You were getting frustrated and then I remembered the lesson I had taught the second graders that day was about Paul and Titus and so I asked “Crete?” and you were excited that I knew what you were talking about.


Your favorite things to do are play outside, do crafts, play with your stuffed animals and toys, and play games with Mom and Dad. Our favorite game lately has been the Sneak Snacky Squirrel game.

We have started doing homeschool-preschool with you and you love it so far! We work on school stuff just 2-3 days a week. You think it’s so funny that I am your teacher. I think you are slightly disappointed that you aren’t going to public school, because I think you were really excited about it. But your attitude about doing school at home has been great and you work so hard on your homework. I am so proud of you!


This year you requested a princess birthday party. Not because you are really in to princesses, but because a lady at the dentist office asked you if you were having a princess party. So ever since that day you were convinced you had to have a princess party! Ha! You had a great birthday party with lots of cousins, some friends, and a princess birthday cake.

A week or two after your birthday, I took you to the animal shelter to pick out a kitty.  You have been begging for one for a long time. You were so excited! You picked out a little calico cat and we named her Ruby after your birthstone.  We had a few frustrating weeks as you were learning how to treat a cat. But thankfully you picked a docile one, who lets you do a lot of things to her (like dress her up in a tutu and have a dance party). You told me the other day that you didn’t sleep well the night before because you were up getting the cat all night. Haha!


You have a few chores that you are responsible for. Some examples are straightening the shoe bench, putting your dishes in the sink, cleaning your room, and making your bed. We have started giving you allowance and you have been saving it for an Octonauts toy that you really want.

You love to sing.  You make up songs all day long about things you are doing. And when you play with toys you do humming and sound effects for the things you act out. We sing silly songs at bedtime about putting on pajamas and brushing teeth. And when we listen to the radio in the car, I often hear you sweetly singing along to songs you have heard before.


Your memory baffles your Dad and I.  For a four year old, you remember so many details.  You remind us of things that happened a year ago (and even two years ago), that even we forgot about. I have a terrible memory, and your Dad has a pretty good memory, but of the three of us, you win! I think you will be able to do anything you put your mind to!

You recently had an interest in veins.  You kept asking me questions about it and so we found a book at the library that had a lot of pictures.  You sat and listened as I read about bacteria, white blood cells, red blood cells, and arteries.  We love going to the library and I think the librarian was a little amused that a four year old asked her for a book about veins.


Most days I still am amazed that God gave me such a special girl. You are so funny, so creative, so sweet, and beautiful inside and out! Sometimes as a mom, days feel long, but then as soon as I put you to bed I regret not spending more time with you.  The time goes so fast and before I know it, you will be all grown up! You are my best little friend and I love you more than you could imagine!

To the Mom with the screaming kid at McDonalds…

You have to be embarrassed. I would be.

Your son did not remotely listen to you when you told him it was time to go.  He hadn’t had enough time in the play place.  Is it ever enough time for a little one who’s having fun?

You struggled to hold your other, younger, son as he fussed and tried to climb out of your arms.  At the same time, trying to stuff shoes on the feet of your screaming child who suddenly had what seemed like 8 arms and legs that were all flailing around.

You tried a small time-out, quietly threatened a spanking (while looking around to see if anyone heard that and if they might judge you for it), promised seeing more friends if they would agree to go.

When your baby threw his sippy cup and you bent down to pick it up, while trying to balance him, and at the same time keep your shirt in a modest place, your oldest saw his opportunity.  He ran for the nearest tunnel and just escaped your grabbing hands trying to stop him.  Now he’s giggling and tromping around, obviously excited that he has weaseled himself into a few more minutes of play.

My Adelaide was in there with him, oblivious to the fact that something was going on.  She didn’t notice you yelling at him to come down.  She just thought her buddy was back to play for a few more minutes.

I was about ready to go myself, but I thought (from Adelaide’s recent good mood), that she would probably happily come when I called her and I didn’t want to make you feel bad.  I waited for about 10 minutes while you tried to coax your son down, but eventually decided that maybe he would decide to come down if Adelaide came down too.

I called for Adelaide to come to me and she immediately listened.  I asked her to get her shoes and after slight complaint she got her shoes and agreed that we would come back another time.  By this point you were offering your son ice cream if he would just come down.

When I got to my car I kissed Adelaide and told her what a good girl she had been for listening to Mommy.

Think I’m judging you? I’m not.

I was grateful that my daughter decided not to throw a fit.  She can throw a good one! Just earlier when we were at the park, heads were turning our way to see which child was screaming like they had fallen out of a tree.  It was mine.  Adelaide told me she was hungry, and since we had only been at the park for about 40 minutes, I offered to do what she calls “go eat lunch and play”. She thought that was a great idea but then somewhere on the walk to the car, changed her mind and decided to cry the whole way.  I was gently dragging her along, reminding her to be a good girl.  It didn’t help things that there was a cop in the parking lot talking to some other people.  i was glad Adelaide didn’t decide to yell “Help!” to him or something like that! Haha!

I think it is so easy these days to judge other moms around us.  They don’t control their kids, discipline them enough, feed them junk, don’t clean them enough, discipline too much, don’t watch them closely enough, hover like a helicopter, co-sleep, make their babies cry-it-out, cloth diaper, disposable diaper, baby-led-weaning, still feed their 3 year olds purees, homeschool, public school, etc.  I believe the parenting choices I have made are the best.  For me. For my family. For our situation and life circumstances.

Who cares what anyone else does?

I have no idea what that mom at McDonalds had to deal with today.  Maybe her kids didn’t sleep well last night and that’s why they are fussy.  Maybe she got in an argument with her husband and just needed some time out of the house. Maybe her kids were being perfect angels when they left the house and then everything went down hill from there. All I wanted to do was just tell her “We’ve all been there!”  It’s a pesky thing, that sinful nature that shows up even before babies are talking.  Now matter how hard you try, sometimes they throw a fit anyway.  And all you can do it keep trying.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Keep letting those children know you love them.  Keep praying for them.

I, like probably every other mom out there, have been subject to the “Mommy Wars”.  A few months ago, I found out that someone I greatly respected thought some pretty awful things about me and the way that I parent my child.  These judgements were made on not very much time together.  Maybe you, reader, have perfect children, but my daughter, although pretty sweet and awesome most of the time, seems to act up the most when I want to make a good impression.  Sigh.

I felt pretty mad for awhile.  And I still struggle with the great offense I took to the accusations and judgements.  Just today, I thought, I wish this person could see how good Adelaide is being right now.

But isn’t that judging them back? Maybe that person is insecure with their family and feels the need to be over-the-top with the things they can control (like their kids).  Maybe that person is just trying to do the best they can. Maybe that person had a bad childhood and all they can think about is how to make things different for their kids.

We never know what someone is going through.  When you meet a mom who does things different than you, remind yourself that they love their kids just like you love yours.  Try to show a little more grace.  If another mom really ticks you off, pray for her.  That will do wonders with healing your own bitter attitude.

I do the best I can.  I love my daughter dearly.  Even when I’m the one getting looks at the park.  I cannot imagine my life without her in it.  I am supermom.

And to the mom with the screaming kid at McDonalds: you are too.


Adelaide Harper You Are 3 Years Old!

How in the world did you turn 3 years old? I can’t even remember what it was like when you were a baby. You are officially a big kid!


* You are one of the kindest, compassionate 3 years olds I know. You express true empathy for others, and remorse whenever you get in trouble for something that has hurt someone else. You ask Daddy and I: “You sad?”, “You mad?”.

image 6

* Your favorite song to sing at night before we go to sleep is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Dinosaur”. It’s basically like the original song, except we substitute “star” for “dinosaur”. You came up with it and think it’s so funny. You request it every. single. night.


* Speaking of dinosaurs, they are one of your favorite things at the moment. It started with a green dinosaur (who is now named “Daddy”, most of the time) I found at the thrift store, and has continued with several more dinosaurs, the movie “The Land Before Time”, a fun dinosaur display we saw at the zoo this year, various books, etc. At night when we ask who you want to pray for, you often say “Dinosaurs”, so we work it in by thanking God for His creation! Haha! You also have a pretty impressive dinosaur roar, which you like to show everyone, even little babies and numerous strangers.


* You are a really picky eater. Your diet consists of mostly chicken nuggets, cheese, bread, ketchup, some dried fruit, peanut butter, pizza, and various crackers and such. You also love milk. Your doctor told me you are healthy and growing so I try to remind myself of that when you won’t touch any vegetables or fruits. Sigh.


* You and you Daddy have the most fun together. A couple of days ago you played an elaborate game of “Pirates”, complete with newspaper swords and hats, lots of fake dying (with kisses to be revived), and phrases like “Arrggh me matey”, “Come at thee”, and “On guard”. It was so cute to watch. I’m so thankful you have such a wonderful Daddy!


* Some of your favorite things to do are: go to the park, go eat lunch and play (the only playplace around here is at a Burger King), go swimming, do crafts, play with playdoh, go to church, and go to the library.

image 10

* You tell me all the time “I love you, Mom” and “You are my best friend”. On your birthday, as you were eating chocolate birthday cake for breakfast you said over and over “Best birthday ever!”.

image (5

* You call dresses “Dance”. As in, “Put on my dance and go to church?”

* Everywhere we go you know no stranger. At the park you see kids and say “Hi guys!”, like you’ve known them forever. It usually works, and you end up having a new friend to play with. When we walk by people at the grocery store you stop them and say “Hi, my name’s Adelaide”. Of course they don’t understand you because it sounds like you’re saying “Addaayy”, and then when I tell them your actual name they say “Adeline?”, “Addie”, “Analee”, etc. Big sigh…


* You love everything about church, but especially singing in the Pastor Pals on Sunday nights. You run up there, and then proceed to move around steps (we are working on that…), and then yell “I’m on top, Mom!!”. Everyone laughs because you are so cute. Then when you come back to our seat you exclaim “Mom, I sing!”


* You love helping us do dishes, or laundry, and are really cooperative when it’s time to pick up your toys. You obey really well, although we are currently working on whining.

* For the past 3ish months we’ve been living with Nana, as we are trying to get settled in Illinois, and it’s been an interesting transition for you. You now sleep in the same room with us (after loving your own space and your own bed since you were born), potty training has been delayed, and for a while you were constantly asking to go home. However, you have been loving seeing Nana everyday. Your favorite games to play with her right now are “Doctor” and “Baby”.


* I expected your hair to have turned brown by now, but it is still blond! It will be interesting to see how long it lasts, or if you will be blond until adulthood! You hair is long enough now for ponytails, and sometimes I can get a braid to stay in a little while. I love playing with you hair, but you act pretty aggravated at me when I do. 🙂


* Your bath time preferences are water-coloring tablets, dinosaurs, a water can, towels with hoods, and to have your wet feet kissed by Mom as dad carries you to get dressed. Daddy still hums the Star Wars Imperial March song to you as he’s carrying you. You’ve heard it so many times now, you usually hum along too.

image 11

We can’t imagine what life would be like without you in it. Daddy and I talk all the time about how you are the most beautiful girl in the world, the smartest, the coolest kid ever, and any other hyperbolic statement you can think of. I still pat your little butt-butt whenever you are sleeping (only because you won’t let me when you are awake). We love you with all our hearts!


Adelaide Harper You Are 18 Months Old!

You have grown so much in the last 6 months! You are such a big girl, so independent, and SO smart. I can’t believe you are halfway to 3!


* You have had a speech explosion recently. I couldn’t begin to remember all the words you say, but some of the phrases you can say are “I love you”, “Thank you”, “You okay?”, “Fall down”, “All done”, “All gone”, “Where are you?”, “I’m sorry (you say “I sorries”)”, “Sweet baby”. You also try to say your name which sounds like “Abbie”.


* Your playtime has become so creative. You pretend you cook. You love to sit at the table and put a stuffed animal across from you and you two will have a pretend snack together. You also love to feed and take care of your baby dolls. One of your Christmas present this year was a broom just your size and whenever Mommy or Daddy are sweeping you always help!


* Books are your favorite thing. Some of the stories that we have been reading to you from birth, you can now say some of the words and animal sounds in them. You have a much longer attention span now and actually listen to the stories!

* Your favorite TV shows are Sesame Street, Curious George, Pingu, and Timmy Time. You also LOVE the Praise Baby DVDs!


* Besides your stuffed animals and baby dolls, some of your favorite toys are crayons, paper, and stickers, your magna doodle, shape sorters, and puzzles.

* Your hair has grown so much and it is so curly! I love it!


* Your favorite snacks are cheese, bread and butter, popcorn, chocolate chips, and fruit leather. Your favorite meal by far is macaroni and cheese. You are a somewhat picky eater these days, but you eat when you get hungry enough and that’s ok with me.

* At your 18 month checkup you weighed 25lbs and were 32.5 inches long.


* Getting pictures of you at this age is tough! You say “No” and cover your face and run away. Every once in a while, though, you will cooporate and say “Cheeeeesseee”. It is so cute!

* The age you are now is one of my favorites so far. You are a good listener (although you do love to throw a good fit!), you are easy to take to the store or out to eat, you are fun to play with, and are a good snuggler too!

* You love to do anything that Mom is doing. You help me cook, and clean, and unfortuntely you also love to act like you’re the boss of the daycare kids. We are working on that one… haha!


Adelaide Harper, you bring so much joy to our lives! You make us laugh on a daily basis. It is so neat to watch you learn new things every day. I couldn’t have picked a better child to be my daughter. There is nothing you could ever do to make me not love you!

Adelaide Harper You Are 12 Months Old!

We finally reached your first birthday! And it didn’t make me as sad as I thought it would. We love the sweet little girl you’re becoming and so look forward to watching you grow up!

* Daddy often sings you the Skinnamarink song to calm you down when you are upset. This month you starting trying to sing along with him! We’ve caught you a couple other times singing to yourself and it’s so sweet!

* New words this month were “thank you” and “I love you”.

* You have learned to point when you want something! I love that you are able to communicate in that way and I don’t have to guess what it is that you want!

* Speaking of pointing; every morning when I eat my breakfast of peanut butter crackers, you crawl over as fast as you can and ask for one. You love them and if I don’t give you one fast enough you get so mad.

* Almost every day lately, when we go to get you out of your crib, you will bring your bunny with you. Morning time, nap time, no matter what. You’ve done this in the past, but not this frequent. It’s so cute how much you love your bunny!

* This month brought your 8th tooth! You have at least 3 more coming soon and you have been really cranky lately because of them! Poor baby!

* You have learned to pretend talk on the phone! You will hold anything rectangle shaped up to your ear and answer it. Ha!

* Music and dancing has been the funnest thing for you lately! You will just dance and dance and sometimes squeal when music comes on. And you love for me and Daddy to dance with you!

* You have become really clingy this month. I think it’s because you haven’t felt well with your teeth hurting. You love to be held, or if you’re playing you love for us to be right in the floor with you. You also have been so sweet by patting our backs, when we pat yours. It’s hard seeing you upset all the time, but I’ve been loving all the extra snuggles from an otherwise very independent girl!

* I have a few IPad apps that you like to play with and you’ve learned how to push the buttons to make them do stuff. You think it’s really fun! You also like to use my IPad as a mirror and talk to the baby that you see! Ha!

* One of the sweetest things that I’ve watched you do lately, is be a good Mama to your baby dolls. You will say “Awwww” and pat them, kiss them and hug them. I know that you are going to be a wonderful Mama someday!

Adelaide Harper, you are the most precious little person I have ever met. Your Daddy and I love you more than you will ever know! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Months 1-12:

Adelaide Harper You Are 11 Months Old!

How can you be 11 months old? And where did my little baby go? You are such a big, independent girl these days and I can’t believe a year ago you were still in my belly!

* We have been cloth diapering this month and it’s going great! I wanted to cloth diaper when you were first born, but was too intimidated by it all to start. I finally decided to try it and am so glad I did!

* You are so confident in your legs these days. You have been pulling up on furniture for a while, but I have recently caught you letting go for a couple seconds before deciding to sit down. You are crawling underneath chairs and getting into everything. You have also figured out how to scoot safely off the couch feet first (but I don’t trust you yet so I still help you)!

* A new game that we love to play together is “Where did Mommy/Daddy/Adelaide go?”. It’s not much different from peekaboo, except for you are now covering up our faces yourself. You think it’s so funny!

* A not so fun development this month is that you have been waking up once a night again. I’m pretty sure it’s because your teeth are bothering you. I can feel 3 swollen places in your mouth and know that must hurt! I wish those teeth would pop through and stop hurting you!

* One day when you raised both your arms above your head I said “Hallelujah” and it stuck. Now you do it all the time and when we say “Hallelujah” you always raise your arms up!

* You learned to wave early on this month and love to do it! One night we laid you down for bedtime and you waved bye bye to us. We wanted to just scoop you up and skip bedtime. Ha! We didn’t. You are also pointing when you want something.

* You have had a word explosion recently! You say Hi, Good Girl, Meow, and Uh Oh, and sort of PeekaBoo (you kind of hum it, instead of say it). The other day we took you to a puppet show at the library and you were saying “Hi” to everyone around us. It was so cute!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are so smart and so sweet. You make our family feel full and complete! We love you more than we’ll ever be able to tell you!

Months 1-11:

Adelaide Harper You Are 10 Months Old!

Wow! TEN months old! You are such an independent big girl now, that it’s hard to believe you were ever a little baby!

* You are definitely using “Mamamama” and “Dadadada” in reference to us now. Before it was just babbling. We LOVE it! Sometimes when you get mad if I walk away from you, you will squeal at me in this high-pitched voice “Mamamamama”. It’s so funny!

* You have really been facinated with my face lately. You will touch my eyelashes, nose, eyebrows, lips, etc., and I will tell you the names of everything, trying to teach you. You also love to play with my hair, but I am trying to teach you not to do that because it hurts! Ha!

* You are in size 12 month clothes (which are starting to get snug!) and size 4 diapers. You eat 3 bottles, baby food twice, and lots of snacks throughout the day. I cannot get you to drink out of a sippy cup at all! I’ve tried water, juice, formula, different cups; nothing works! You love to bang the cup on your highchair tray and get your hair all wet though!

* Your 7th tooth arrived this month! You are getting to be a pro at this teething stuff! Besides being drooley, you really don’t seem to mind all that much! Your smile is so cute with all those teeth!

* Whenever music comes on now, you like to dance to it. You will kind of just bop up and down and smile and wave your arms. It is the cutest and funniest thing ever!

* I think you are starting to become somewhat of a Daddy’s Girl. Whenever he gets home from work you get so excited and yell until he picks you up. Also, at night when we are putting you to bed, I get like 1 kiss for every 5 you give him! You love your Daddy!

* You are now pulling up on things and trying to stand! You’re still wobbly at it, but I think you love the new perspective!

* Most mornings when we get you out of bed, you latch onto something that’s in your crib and bring it with you. Often, its your little bunny friend, which you still love more than any of your other toys!

* We had to take your bumper off, because you figured out how to take off the clips we used to attach it to your crib. Now your pacifier falls out all the time and you are not liking that! The other day after about 30 minutes of fussing at naptime, you yelled “Mamaaaa!” and when I went into your room you were sobbing and gave me so many kisses when I picked you up to comfort you. It broke this Mama’s heart! You didn’t have to take a nap that day!

It is an absolute joy to watch your life unfold! We cannot imagine our lives without you in it! You make our hearts so full, sweet girl!